Workwear with Temp-iQ Intelligent Cooling Technology
Workwear with Temp-iQ Intelligent Cooling Technology


Temp-IQ is an advanced technology that cools your body while you work. It reacts to your body temperature to help keep you comfortable.


  • Activated Cooling
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Moisture Wicking

What is it?

Temp-IQ is a finish that complements our body’s natural ability to thermoregulate. It uses the heat of your body to activate the cooling property. Deactivation of the finish occurs once cooling is complete.

How does it work?

The Temp-IQ polymer finish is responsive to temperature and changes its property. It goes back and forth from a liquid state (when cold), to a solid/gel (when warmed up)—so the opposite of what you would expect.

Why is evaporation important?

Evaporation is how we stay cool, comfortable, and at consistent temperature. Water absorbs heat, then evaporation occurs; therefore, heat is removed from the wet surface of our skin.

Process of Temp-IQ Technology